It is hard to see your company go through a collective layoff, and it is especially disheartening for direction to need to let good workers go. Responsible organizations offer outplacement services to assist their soon-to-be former workers operate through their career transitions more efficiently and also to jump-start their job search efforts. While outplacement companies are mostly utilized to make sure that technical loopholes are performed in an impartial and professional way, they also guarantee that departing employees have all of the resources and information that they should proceed to another step in their careers. Outplacement services can guarantee that all these demands are satisfied, typically by linking workers with experienced career consultants and coaches.

However, how can you make sure that you’re getting the maximum from your outplacement company’s offerings? How can you realize that your departing employees are getting the benefits they promise to offer you? To put it differently, are you really getting a return on investment?

“First, know that roughly 70 percent of businesses provide outplacement gains in their severance packages to employees affected by a layoff,” explained Doug Mathews, president and CEO of Career Partners International, among the country’s biggest international outplacement companies. “That means that if you are supplying this crucial advantage, you are with most in demonstrating real care and concern for your workers’ well-being and career success as soon as they’re no more with your company. The tumultuous and destabilizing forces affecting the market probably will not go away shortly, so this advantage becomes even more important, particularly for professional and executive workers.”